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As The Jet Engine Recalls (trailer)
Video 11"

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As The Jet Engine Recalls
a short film by Juan Palacios

The reaction engine takes its name from the elemental law of physics: every action is followed by an equal, opposite reaction. Therefore, as it thrusts forward, she falls behind. Somewhere between two time zones, between the awake and sleeping mind, between the white noise and voice over of the airplane's intercom, undeclared by the four cardinal points.


*** Honourable Mention at Fest - New Directors | New Films Festival, Portugal, 2017 ***

- Eindhovens International Film Festival, Holland, 2016
- Docu TIFF, Tirana International Film Festival, Albania, 2017
- Fest - New Directors | New Films Festival, Portugal, 2017
- 2002-2020 The First and The Last Experimental Film Festival- Australia, 2017
- Chicago International Arthouse Film Festival, USA, 2017


Ontologically speaking, exponential curves don’t last long in nature. Since the 1950s we’ve been immersed in the so called great acceleration—an exponential planetary growth of wealth and population, followed by a proportional unsustainable use of natural resources. Coincidentally enough, the beginning of this global acceleration matches with the launching of the first atomic bomb in New Mexico (The Trinity test) and the generalized use of the jet engine in commercial airplanes. This acceleration is also the beginning of a new geological epoch distinguished by the transformational impact of human activities on the planet Earth: the Anthropocene.

The French thinker Paul Virilio said once, “Physical speed freezes you. And the faster you go, the farther you have to look, and you lose lateral vision. You are fascinated. Why do animals have eyes on the side? There are very few that have eyes in the front like us. It’s because real danger comes from the side or from behind. Speed flattens the vision, like a screen”.

In my experimental film As The Jet Engine Recalls, I visually and aurally explore this acceleration.